Aquasil Impression Material

Cartrdige Connnectors


The Stainless Steel Connector (SSC) is simple to use.

1.  Remove the old mix tip from the cartridge on the mix machine.

2.  Place the Stainless Steel Connector (SSC) firmly on the tube.

3.  Insert another tube on the (SSC) connector to receive the left over material. 

4.  Label the receiver tube "refill" so that it is never used again, to avoid old material accumulating over and over.

5.  Hold the "refill" tube firmly and start the mix machine until it completely empties the used tube to the refill tube. The material will NOT mix, just transfer.

6.  Remove the refill tube with the (SSC) connector attached, wipe any excess off with gauze to avoid the 2 colors from touching each other and contaminating the material. 

7.  Insert another "almost empty" tube in the machine, reconnect the "refill" tube and (SSC), and begin again!  Do this for serveral tubes at once. 

8.  Check the level of the refill tube to avoid over filling.

9.   Start now by storing "almost empty" tubes with the plug re-inserted that came with the tube when new to keep moisture and air out. 

10.  Wipe out the holes in the Stainless Steel Connector with gauze.  Autoclave as needed.

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